pse-surge-bow-300x300The hottest of the lot in the archery industry in the line of archery bows is the PSE Surge Bows. It is actually an advanced improvement to a Brute. With a lightweight structure and a faster shooting speed it has clearly swept the archery market.

The PSE Components:

The PSE comes with a tri-component feature that makes it the best in the market.

  1. The Eccentric System (cam system) – this single medium draw cam enables smooth drawing of the bow.
  2. Tunable Limb Bolts – to enable easy adjusting of Draw length and Draw weight.
  3. Incredible Shooting Speed – 320 fps (feet per second) – A real Speedo Indeed!

The PSE – RTS package:

The product comes with a Ready To Shoot package with a number of add-on accessories that makes the archer feel really well equipped. The product and the accessories are of best quality and it is a real asset to your armory and worth for your money.